Elevation of the Cross to the Dome of Our New Sanctuary, April 29

Christ is Risen!  Christos Anesti!

We are grateful to God and indeed very happy to announce that on Sunday, April 29th the Cross will be elevated and installed on the dome of our new sanctuary!  We will be holding a community wide celebration as we witness this blessed and exhilarating milestone in the construction of our new spiritual home.

Directly following the Divine Liturgy on the 29th, we will process to the new sanctuary and gather around the copper and stainless steel Justinian Cross to bless the Cross and congregation with Agiasmo/Holy Water.  We will then hold a barbecue for the entire Church family while the cross is elevated to the dome.  There will be food, fun and fellowship for each and every member of our community.  Once the cross is installed, we will gather again to sing the hymn of the Elevation of the Cross.  Then each and every member will be invited to to memorialize this sacred moment in our parishes life by writing their names with brightly colored markers on the concrete floor of the new sanctuary.  The children of our parish who are too young to write their names will have the opportunity make hand prints with paint.

As THE symbol of Christ’s love for us and of His triumph over death by His Glorious Resurrection, The Cross is not only among the most architecturally beautiful aspects of our new sanctuary, it is THE par excellence visual expression of our faith.

Please see the flyer for further details, and make every effort to partake in this beautiful and historic event in the life of our Dormition of the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church of the Hamptons.