Godparents & Godchildren Sunday

March 22, 2020

The spiritual relationship formed between a Godparent and Godchild at the baptismal font is a deeply spiritual and extremely important relationship.  Godchildren look to their Godparents as spiritual mentors, and as someone who especially cares for them.  Likewise, Godparents pledge to take responsibility for the spiritual formation of the their Godchildren, and are called to love and care for them throughout their lives in the context of the Church.

Godparents Godchildren Sunday is a great opportunity for Godchildren and Godparents to strengthen their bond by attending Divine Liturgy together, returning to the Church, the very place that established nurtures their bond, and asking God's blessing. 

On Godparent Godchildren Sunday, we renew our the Grace of baptism and the commitment we have made to the Church and to one another.

This year, our PTO will will be sponsoring fundraiser Godparent Godchild Sunday brunch, featuring crepes, waffles, fresh fruit, oatmeal and more.  The cost for the brunch is 5 for adults and for children.  All proceeds support the educational and youth ministry programs of our Church Family.  Please join us!