Choir and Church Services


Membership: Open to all who want to glorify “God in the highest” through singing the Divine Services
Rehearsals: On an as needed basis as determined by the Choir director
Purpose: Sing the praises of the Lord and enhance the beauty of the Divine Liturgy and other Divine Services.
Bea Parash, Choir Director: 631-283-9590.


Membership open to: Boys 5th – 12th Grade.
Schedule:  Altar Servers are needed for all Divine Services.  Primarily, they assist with the Divine Liturgy on Sundays.  Altar Servers must receive the blessing/permission of the Clergy to serve and must be on time for services.  Altar Servers arriving to Divine Liturgy after the reading of the Gospel will not be permitted to serve on that Sunday  
Purpose: To assist the Priest during the Divine Services by serving with care and reverence in the Holy Altar.


Participation open to: All those who desire to learn the ancient Byzantine chant.
Purpose: To offer praises to God through Byzantine hymnology in our Divine Services.


Purpose: To maintain proper church etiquette and help the congregation in entering and exiting the Church in a reverent and dignified manner. To also assist the faithful in emergencies which may occur during the different services. Ed Floros, 631-267-8977.